Not Charity, But a Generous Investment in Future Generations  

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When kids who learn differently are supported and encouraged, they become drivers
of change. Help us raise the funds to change lives and change our community.



What does my donation support?

Funds raised at Paslay Foundation events and the direct donations we receive are transferred directly to local organizations making a difference in lives of kids with learning differences in the Fort Worth community.

How much of my donation goes towards the causes Paslay Foundation supports?

We are committed donating as much of our income as possible directly to the organizations we support. To the greatest extent possible, the founding partners’ business ventures support the operations of Paslay Foundation. That means we can pass the roughly 70% of funds raised along to organizations in our community making a difference.

What does “learning differences” actually mean?

Kids with learning differences come in all shapes and sizes, and can experience many different things. Some typical examples of learning differences you may be familiar with include dyslexia, ADHD, ADD, nonverbal learning disabilities, visual motor deficiencies, autism spectrum disorder, and neurodiversity.

A Generous Investment in Future Generations

Help us change the conversation about kids with learning differences.

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