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We Partner with Fort Worth Organizations and Professionals Who Support Kids with Learning Differences  

Our Mission

Empowering Kids By Investing In Their Future

Paslay Foundation hosts spirited celebrations of community and cuisine to raise funds in support of organizations changing the conversation about kids with learning differences. This group of kids is 3x more likely to drop out of high school, 50% will be involved in the justice system, and as adults, they’re twice as likely to be jobless. But we can help change that.

Through food, drink, and a revelatory spirit of giving, one night out can make a generational difference.

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Spirited Events Inspiring the Spirit of Giving

Your Night Out Can Make A Generational Difference

2023 Indulge & Inspire

Clay Pigeon Food & Drink

A night of revelry, professional cirqué entertainment and 3-ring cuisine!  Come party with a purpose to support Hill School & Literacy United.   *Best suited for adults 21+   Thank you to our Foundation Sponsors: Folsom Point Charities, Effectus Group and Paslay Group!

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Our celebrations raise funds that give kids with learning differences the support and encouragement they need to thrive. You can help us change their lives and change our community.


We Partner with Groups Changing the Conversation About Children with Learning Differences

Kids who happen to learn differently face challenges in the classroom and beyond that have nothing to do with intelligence, but when they’re supported and encouraged, they become innovative drivers of change. So we ask you to raise a glass and help us raise the funds to better our community.

Our story

A Generous Investment in Future Generations

Help us change the conversation about kids with learning differences.

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